Trauma FX® Nursing & Wound-Care SIMSLEEVES® Kit


The Nursing and Wound-care Kit contains a range of 11 SIMSLEEVES® to simulate injuries, wounds and medical conditions required for realistic nursing simulations suitable for mannequins and standardised patients.


This kit combines our popular range of SIMSLEEVES®, perfect for mass casualty training events or multiple injury patient scenarios.

SIMSLEEVES® are a realistic casualty simulation effect, allowing the user to produce a quick, robust and reusable simulation effect.

To find out more about our SIMSLEEVES® range see our page.

Kit Contains

  • X4 Ulcers; Heal Pressure Ulcer – Medium Exuding, Heal Pressure Ulcer – Cavity/Highly Exuding, Pressure Ulcer to Lower Leg Medium Exuding and a Pressue Ulcer to Lower Leg Cavity/Highly Exuding
  • X2 Self-harm Wounds; Cigarette Burns and Old Scars and Severe Arm Lacerations
  • X3 Infections; Infected Surgical Thigh Wound (Fasciotomy), Infected leg wound and a pair of Narcotic Toes with Nails
  • X1 Cannulation Sleeve
  • X1 Lower Arm Acid Burn
  • All contained in practical multi draw box

SIMSLEEVES® are produced in standard Pale Flesh skin tones, alternatives are available;

  • Medium Flesh
  • Dark Flesh

SIMSLEEVES® are designed as a temporary re-usable durable product and if used in accordance with the Care & Product Guidance instructions issued should have a usable life-span of 12-18 Months

With all SIMSLEEVES® the medical grade platsil silicone does emit a slight natural migration of non-hazardous oils. Please wash hands with soap & water after handling.

Handmade in UK

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