Trauma FX Colour Activator Pallet Kit


X10 Colour Pallet, with a combination of Blood Reds, Bruise Blues and Flesh Tones.

Included in the kit are X2 Brushes and X1 Colour Activator Spray 100ml


Ideal for semi-permanent affects, use to blend in and add bruise effects to SIMWOUNDS and SIMSCULPT.

Activate the colours and remove using Colour Activator Spray.

This is a robust water-resistant casualty simulation effect, long lasting, none staining and suitable for use on silicones skin, mannequins and SIMBODIES.

User Guidance 

For professional use only, avoid contact with eyes, hair and fabrics.

Training on use of this product is recommended.

Please be aware of potential allergies and product sensitive.

Not For Human Consumption

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