Introducing our new Training Adjuncts and Task Trainers, specifically designed and created for procedural and educational purposes


Trauma FX® task trainers are created for multiple and varied uses, as both wearables and procedure focused training tools. These items are versatile, reusable and repairable.

We can design and produce tailored solutions for specific medical educational needs.

Our Range

    • SIMBUMP – Wearable Pregnancy Suit
    • Shoulder Wound Packing Trainers
    • Thigh Wound Packing Trainers
    • Full Leg Major Injury Trainer
    • Above Knee Amputation Trainer
    • Intraosseous Tibia Task Trainer
    • Torso Trauma Trainer
    • Catheter Trainer

All prices and specifications for these items are available on request contact our distributors Prometheus Medical  

We offer a bespoke design service, speak to our product development team to discuss your requirements further.