Wearable casualty simulation garments are comfortable and practical, made with reinforced Silicone and pre-set with realistic simulated injuries


Wearable Simulations

Our realistic wearable simulation garments feature large scale cavity wounds and inbuilt packable injuries with integrated haemorrhaging tubes.

Junctional Injuries

Lifelike reinforced silicone SIMSUITS® and SIMPANTS® aid quick application and can be done ‘in the field’. Simulating damage to sensitive areas and junctional injuries around the pelvis (including genitals), chest and abdomen.

Our Range

  • SIMSUIT Abdomen gunshot Wound (entry & exit)
  • SIMSUIT Chest gunshot Wound {entry only)
  • SIMSUIT Multi blast injury torso and abdomen
  • SIMSUIT Multiple gunshot wounds with exposed intestines torso and abdomen
  • SIMSUIT Acid burns chest
  • SIMSUIT Full thickness burns
  • SIMSUIT Multiple blast fragmentation chest with exposed intestines

  • SIMPANTS Full thickness burns
  • SIMPANTS Gunshot wound pelvis
  • SIMPANTS Gunshot wound groin
  • SIMPANTS Multiple blast fragmentation
  • SIMPANTS Acid burns

  • SIMMASK Full thickness burns
  • SIMMASK Gunshot wound to the jaw
  • SIMMASK Multiple blast fragmentation head and face
  • SIMMASK Acid burns
We have both male and female options available. One size; M.
SIMSUITS have reverse hook and eye fastening for ease of application.
Suitable for use on actors, SIMBODIES® and manikin patient simulators.


Contact us to discuss our bespoke design options available on this range