Severe Burns SIMMASK


SIMMASK with severe burns to face and head (12%)


SIMMASK are a unique casualty simulation aid, enabling significant traumatic injuries to be simulated on the face and head. Ideal for use on SIMBODIES and manikin patient simulators.

USE CAUTION! if using on actors the SIMMASK covers eyes, nose and mouth.

Quick simulation effect, comfortable, wearable and easy to put on, produced with reinforced Silicone and pre-set with simulated full and partial thickness burns to the face and head, with closed and swollen eyes, featuring breathing holes on the mouth and nose.

Washable and Reusable.

Male features, Size Medium, pull on over the head

To aid pulling on use SIMPOWDER to prevent friction.

Ø With all SIMSLEEVES the medical grade platsil silicone does emit a slight natural migration of non-hazardous oils. Please wash hands & face with soap & water after handling.

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