Trauma FX® offer impressive simulation wound effects while retaining clinical accuracy, resulting in credible and believable simulated injuries.


Why Us?

Hire our qualified makeup team to support a variety of training events, providing on-site simulated injuries on casualty role players, utilising our quality products and training adjuncts.

Industry leaders

Our expert and skilled makeup team are highly regarded within the industry for delivering quality wound simulations, with over 15 years of experience in designing and creating clinically accurate simulated injuries and medical and emergency training.

Experience and Support

Our wealth of experience and support to a variety of training providers and understanding of real life injuries and medical conditions, gives our makeup team a unique understanding of the appearance of a variety of severe injuries, primary health, burns and ballistic trauma.

Variable Simulations

The simulation make-up effects are not only realistic, but robust as they can be bonded onto skin for a considerable length of time, withstanding the application of treatments, casualty handling, rotational use and variable environments.

Bespoke Solutions

Trauma FX® also provides bespoke services and products offering further realistic solutions for a variety of training needs, utilising training adjusts and SIMESSENTIALS and developing simulation solutions alongside their product development team.