Leg Severe Burn SIMSLEEVES®

This innovative UK produced product consists of a full silicone ‘rip resistant’ sleeve that can be pulled onto an arm to simulate major injury, an ideal solution for a quick, affordable, reusable casualty simulation effect.

These skin like, flexible and elasticated sleeves can be easily washed and reused, the hidden edges neatly sit at joints and can be comfortably hidden under clothing or used on a none human patient simulator.

For professional use only

Please be aware of potential allergies and product sensitive.

Care & Product Guidance; SIMSLEEVES® are designed as a temporary re-usable product, please use in accordance with manufactures instructions.
Depending on general and careful usage; manufactures suggested lifespan of SIMSLEEVES® is 8-12months.

With all SIMSLEEVES® the medical grade platsil silicone does emit a slight natural migration of non-hazardous oils. Please wash hands with soap & water after handling.

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