Essential SIMWOUND Kit


A variety of preformed silicone wounds and sleeves, all packs include the adhesive, remover and blood.

x10 SIMWOUNDS, Variety of wounds in various shapes and sizes.

x2 SIMSLEEVES, Arm and Leg Lacerations

All contained in a sturdy compartment box


Our SIMSLEEVES and SIMWOUND ranges have been exclusively designed and produced by Trauma FX; these products allow the user to apply a preformed silicone wound direct to the skin.

SIMWOUNDS are a realistic, quick, reusable wound application that is easy to apply and remove. The purpose of the product is to provide a realistic and consistent wound effect that be used on skin and on none human patient simulators.

Product Guidance 

Please use in accordance with manufactures instructions.
Depending on general and careful usage; manufactures suggested lifespan of SIMSLEEVES is 8-12months.

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