Trauma FX® experts combine our leading and popular products into bespoke kits


We make it easy for you!

We hand select compatible and essential product ranges to create complete makeup kits, suitable for creating simple and realistic simulated injuries.

Our Range

Trauma FX Starter Kit

Trauma FX Essential Casualty Simulation Kit

Trauma FX Ultimate Casualty Simulation Kit

Trauma FX Essential SIMWOUND® Kit

Trauma FX Ultimate SIMSLEEVE® Kit

Trauma FX Tactical and Ballistic SIMSLEEVE Kit

Trauma FX Nursing and Wound Care SIMSLEEVE Kit

Trauma FX Burns and Blisters SIMSLEEVE Kit

Essential SIMBODIES® Simulation Kit

Essential Child and Baby SIMBODIES Kit

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All products contained in our kits are of the highest quality and have been designed for use on skin and clothing. Under reasonable conditions use of these products should not have any adverse reactions on skin, but may stain fabrics. We recommend in any event to test before use.