Need a practical, realistic wound effect? Look no further than our New SIMWOUND and SIMSLEEVES ranges.

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Our SIMWOUND range has been exclusively designed and produced by Trauma FX; these innovative products allow the user to apply a preformed silicone wound direct to the skin. The purpose of the product is to provide a realistic and consistent wound effect that can be used on skin and on none human patient simulators.

SIMWOUNDS are a realistic, quick, reusable wound application that is easy to apply and remove. All packs include glue, which is a medical grade skin adhesive and a none abrasive adhesive remover, along with a simulated blood product and user guidelines.

Our current SIMWOUND product range is;


We offer a complete solution to major trauma simulation; SIMSLEEVES are a robust and realistic casualty simulation effect.

This innovative product consists of a 'rip resistant' full silicone sleeve that can be pulled onto a limb or torso to simulate major injury, an ideal solution for a quick, affordable, reusable casualty simulation effect. The wounds are built into the sleeves, coloured and textured, all that is needed is the fresh blood effects; we recommended using sticky Blood A to freshen and a splatter of Trauma FX Face Blood.

These skin like, flexible and elasticated sleeves can be easily washed and reused, there hidden edges neatly sit at joints and can be comfortably hidden under clothing, i.e. cuffs and socks.



Need further training in the appliation of these and other simulation products and techniques see our Training Course Page. The use of the SIMWOUNDS is included in all our Casualty Simulation Training Programmes and is also contained in the Trauma FX Essential Kit.

For further questions on our SIMWOUNDS and SIMSLEEVES please contact us for further information.

To see at practical demostration by our Director of Make-up Linzi on the application and removal of a SIMWOUND please see the following video;