Trauma FX


UK's leading provider of realistic casualty simulation

Make-up Services

Our professional and skilled special effects make-up artist’s (MUA) are expertly trained to create robust and impressive simulation effects while retaining clinical accuracy, resulting in credible and believable simulations.

The years of experience supporting a variety of training providers and our study of real time injuries and medical conditions gives our MUA team a unique understanding of the appearance of wounds, limb injuries, skin conditions, burns as well as considering the mechanism of injury.


Pre-preparation enables the special effects make-up artists to pre-set and prepare the simulation requirements thus saving the CASSIM team vital time in application. Trauma FX designs, skilfully produces and hand makes its own bespoke prosthetics ensuing they are sturdy, look and feel real, demonstrating a variety of injuries including considerable damage to a limb and the surrounding tissue, simulating bone protrusion and tissue damage with exposed tendons and flesh.

The simulation make-up effects are not only realistic, but robust lasting a considerable length of time on the skin, they will withstand the application of treatments, casualty handling, clothing, rotational use and uncontrollable environments, wounds can be cleaned and dressed. Sutured wounds can be applied and redressed, when training wound care.

Trauma FX also provides additional Services and products to add further realism and solutions to variety of training needs and have been developed by Trauma FX and their product development team are exclusive to Trauma FX Ltd and are available upon request.

Trauma FX would feel it highly inappropriate to use extreme gore or questionable make-up effects to emotionally shock and distress personnel undergoing training.


These realistic looking, dead weighted and robust body replicas are created by Trauma FX and can be requested to be used as additional aids in a training scenario.

See our SIMBODIES page for our hire range.

Severed Limbs and Body Parts

To achieve added realism to we also have a range of severed limbs and body parts. These can be used to ensure the incident scene is more realistic and training can focus on the management of body parts or they can be skilfully attached too amputated limb prosthetics to simulated practically severed limbs.

See our SIMBODIES page for our hire range.


Wound Suits

Our realistic skin suits have large scale wounds in built, particularly around the pelvis, chest and abdomen so we can simulate massive cavity injury, bone protrusion and damage to sensitive areas like the perineal, we have both male and female suits. These suits also aid quick application and can be done ‘in the field’.

Additional Simulations

Pregnancy Simulation Suits and injured child/baby replicas can also be provided at request.