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Our skills as a team are very familiar to the film and TV Industries, we offer our services as specialists in our specific fields, our Make-up team are exceptional at recreating trauma, particularly military, we can support filming projects to any scale from modern day to period features, bringing our specific skills and team to any film genre particularly military and medical.

The use of Amputee actors in Film and TV has been seen over the last 10 years and with much success. Our Casualty role play actors bring a unique and graphically realistic edge to any performance giving a professional and

Many of our MUA's and casualty role play actors 's have featured a variety of media and filming projects, our most recent credits include;

Inbred the Movie – worldwide realise 2012 – Director Alex Chandon, won 'Best Special Effects' award at Fantaspoa in Brazil.

Trauma FX; Wound effects, prosthetics and some of our CRP acting as 'Inbred Locals'

CASSIM and SIMBODIES packages;

Planning major incident training event? Trauma FX can provide a full package to include all CASSIM Make-up, Able Body Casualties, Trauma Casualty Amputee Actors and SIMBODIES together with scene setting, ensuring that all your simulation needs are delivered collectively by Trauma FX.

Please feel free to contact us for further information on utilizing SIMBODIES to enhance the realism delivered in your training environment, Email;
Film and TV SIMBODY Services

The realism of our SIMBODIES also makes them ideal for hire in Film and TV projects these, life like dead bodies and body parts are designed and produced to appear extremely realistic, demonstrating a variety of injuries from crush injuries, blast and burns to fragmentation wounds. We understand that attention to detail is crucial, so distinguishing features such as body hair, eyes and teeth are visible.

Our current SIMBODIES collection is available to rent on a daily basis and Included in the hire fee is transportation to anywhere in the UK.

Please see our SIMBODIES page for further information