Trauma FX


UK's leading provider of realistic casualty simulation

Primary Health Care and Nursing

Health care training providers can be reassured that with the assistance of Trauma FX services we will deliver, consistent, professional casualty simulations enabling training providers to deliver realistic, hands on and believable training.

Training health care professionals and medical students within the UK's simulation and training centres allows multiple learning objectives to be taught in a realistic and controlled training environment, exposing students to simulated patents in medical situations and allowing them to make clinical and ethical decisions depending on the scenario they are presented with, to ensure training is delivered to the highest standard, the use of realistic simulated patients has proved critical.

Whether in a group training session or individual assessments students will have the added benefit of visually recognising injuries and illnesses through simulating the visual signs and symptoms, whether simulating skin conditions like bed sores or more complex wound care or dealing with the mental and physical welfare of a patient focusing on both good and bad practice.

Role play actors can be medically assessed and handled, the simulation effects are robust enough to withstand treatments, role play actors can work to scripts or story boards ensuring that scenarios are delivered consistently and all key teaching aims are met. On completion of a role play actors can give feed back about how they felt they were personally managed and they can be included in discussions points with students and assessors if required.

Trauma FX can also offer assistance in the planning stages of the training assisting with the planning and preparation of the casualties and additional support on the day, to ensure that the casualty simulation is delivered safely and efficiently, preventing any administrational or welfare issues affecting the success of the event.