MoD Tri Services

With over 10 years experience Trauma FX continues to support the UK Military Training Exercises


Trauma FX CASSIM support to the MoD is varied and can often be very specific to particular military and medical training objectives and or the aims of the particular training centres or groups. The proven success of CASSIM delivery to the UK military, for medical and pre-deployment training has resulted in Trauma FX securing a range of CASSIM contacts with the MoD independently and in partnership G4S Secure Solutions.

We provide CASSIM teams for mission specific pre-deployment training or medic training and clinical validations from point of wounding to simulated hospital based training exercises. Trauma FX's role play actors act out a variety of scenarios from the casualty evacuation process, from initial treatments, to casualty handovers and movements to the eventual role three hospital, this process can be a timely one and our role play acting team will remain in character and change their performance as guided by directing staff.

The uniqueness of current operations and the battle related trauma experienced is a specialise area to simulate and our CASSIM make-up team are very experienced in simulation major trauma. We have an acute understanding and are well briefed in the differences seen in current operational battle trauma compared to UK civilian traumas and their treatments.