Trauma FX


UK's leading provider of realistic casualty simulation

Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear

The UK has both Civilian and Military CBRN training facilities that manage the training of medical and emergency personnel in the triage and treatment of casualties with a possible CBRN contamination and deal with the management of such an incident, delivering training exercises on a small or large scale.

Trauma FX has supported CBRN training and are specialist in simulating CBRN injuries and conditions, our support to such training centres has given us an understanding of the visual and emotional effects on a casualty presenting with a CBRN contamination, from the blistering from mustard gas to small pox and the effect of a nerve agent on the body.

Our role play casualty actors, presenting with simulated injures whether traumatic or sustained from a possible CBRN or hazardous area incident can be rescued and treated, then put though a casualty decontamination process, while remaining in role play. The simulated make-up effects are robust, water resistant and can withstand the decontamination process.

Our team can provide simulation services to any scale and offer casualty planning and support prior to and during the training event.