Trauma FX


UK's leading provider of realistic casualty simulation

Ambulance & Emergency Services

Trauma FX can offer their casualty simulation teams to support to any scale, budget and requirement!



The requirement to run realistic training enables the Emergency Services and other rescue agencies to rehearse the management of an incident, using rescue equipment and practicing life saving skills collectively in a safe and controlled environment.

In order to make the training as realistic as possible our Make-up Artists, Trauma Casualty Amputees and Role Play Actors can support a variety of training scenarios from Road Traffic Collisions (RTC's) to Aircraft crashes, explosions, as well as casualty entrapments and patient extraction from confined spaces.

Our specialist make-up teams will recreate the appropriate injuries, environmental conditions and set the scene appropriately looking at the range of injuries to ensure casualties assessed and visually triaged. Our Role Play actors will realistically act out the role of the casualty, acting in real time to the situation, the injuries simulated and treatments given, working professionally to any given brief or simulation and crucially to any scale.

On larger scale training exercises Trauma FX can also offer assistance in the planning stages of the training event supporting and communicating with the exercise planners, assisting with the planning and preparation of the casualties and additional support on the day, to ensure that the casualty simulation is delivered safely and efficiently, preventing any administrational or welfare issues affecting success of the event.

Trauma FX can provide a quotation to provide a casualty simulation service package to include; Make-up Artists, Role Play Actors, SIMBODIES and assistance in casualty planning for a major incident training event, contact us for details.

We support training for;

  • Fire and Rescue Services
  • Ambulance and Specialist Rescue Teams
  • Search and Rescue, Mountain Rescue
  • Multi Agency Training Events
  • Airports, Power Stations and Commercial Centres