Actor Services

Casualty Role Play Actors & Amputee Actors

Trauma FX's professional acting teams consist of a combination of Casualty Role Play Actors (CRP) and Trauma Casualty Amputees (TCA) Actors. Utilizing the unique combination of our realistic prosthetics and expert CASSIM effects, our role players will impressively and appropriately use their skills, experiences and simulated injuries to mimic the emotions and actions of a casualty, resulting realistic and appropriate clinical training delivery without sensationalizing the event. In many cases training providers use casualty storyboards and or scripts and may repeat the scenario numinous times . Our CRP actor is experienced in ad-libbing and improvising during the performance, reacting to the injuries both visual and hidden, treatments, communications and training objectives detailed in each instance.

The roles that our actors are required to play are very varied from playing a military casualty injured on the battlefield in a conflict environment, or a civilian injured in a road traffic collision (RTC), to a patient in a hospital bed undergoing care for a variety of both physical and mental health issues, therefore our teams are adaptable and experienced to professionally perform any role in any given situation.

It may also be a requirement for a CRP to act out the role of a patient to be physically examined, exposed or assessed medically, this is a sensitive but vital aspect of any clinical training and our CRP actors are trained and give consent to this aspect. We understand completely how it is highly inappropriate to overact or to seek to gratuitously distress personnel under training simply because we can provide film quality CASSIM.